Suffering conditions worthy of Anglo-Saxon countries

Is this the very letter of what it means to be living in a bubble, Labour law revolt across France humiliates President Hollande.

A day of chaos left Mr ­Hollande under pressure to ­perform another humiliating U-turn, after his climb-down over new anti-terrorism laws on Wednesday.

So what has got him into such hot water after he found it impossible to introduce new laws restricting the rights of terrorists?

The labour legislation, ­promoted by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, was touted by spin doctors as a brave bid to improve the stuttering economy by lengthening France’s notoriously short working week, while making it easier for companies to lay off staff.

The economy is without doubt stuttering, and the 35-hour week has been a major handicap since it was introduced in the 1980s. It has also been impossible for a firm to reduce employee numbers whether or not those employees were actually needed by the business. So you don’t really have to look all that far to see what the economic problems are. But this is the bit I liked the best:

The under-25s are now prominent in a protest movement whipped up by student unions claiming that the workers of the future will suffer conditions worthy of Anglo-Saxon countries.

Well given how things are going, they won’t have to worry about economic conditions being like ours in a few years, or about other conditions as well.

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