Sniping at Tony Abbott could tip scales

The only thing that makes it worth voting for a Turnbull government is that Tony Abbott is still there on the backbench. It remains obscure to the point of invisibility why Malcolm does not do everything he can to bring Abbott into the tent. The only things that Abbott has said is what a good government he had led. And since it was a LIBERAL government – you know, one on the same side as Malcolm is supposed to be – I cannot see why Tony’s triumph’s are not also Malcolm’s triumphs, or can at least be counted on the same side of the ledger.

It is Turnbull, however, who wishes to make this a distinction as large as it can possibly be. A political leader that does not try to combine everyone, to smooth over the differences, to make the machine run as well as possible, is hopeless at the job. If Turnbull is trying to deny credit to Tony for his achievements, it can only be because Malcolm understands himself to be the undersized and insignificant nonentity he is.

All of which is brought to mind by that Left-Labor Turnbull shill from The Oz, not Niki in this instance but Van Oncelot in a column he titles, Federal election 2016: sniping Tony Abbott could tip scales. My own wording is along the lines of “Sniping at Tony Abbott could tip scales” as the following selection of comments on his column might indicate. These were the ten most recent comments when I logged in, all of whom see things in the same way as I do. But in saying this, please also look at the last of these comments below.

I) How did I miss it?

Of course – it’s all Abbott’s fault!! Must be his sniping.. because all of use can wax lyrical about the enormous achievements of Turnbull. Such as … ummm … and there was the … aahhh … Oh and the … geez what was it again?

There has never been a better time to … i give up

II) Nothing to do with Abbott. Far more likely is Turnbull’s poor performance, his high handed treatment of Morrison, the feeling the country is now run by an unelected dynasty, the splitting of The Liberal Party, the left wing trying to gain control, who back the same beliefs as Labor, and the outrage by so many, of the removal of a sitting PM, which they consider, their job, if so inclined. In contrast Labor stood by their leader, no matter how poor his figures,and present as a disciplined group, compared to The Libs. A situation the Libs gifted to themselves.

III) What a load of rot. Tony the Australian Sniper…give us all a break. When are the editors going to step in and end this vendetta against Abbott? There’s a powerful difference between cool-headed analysis and heated vitriol, and Niki and Peter are giving us plenty of the latter.

IV) PVO I think the only sniping is coming from the likes of yourself, Niki Savva and a majority of the media prepared to analyse every word, eye twitch, smile or whatever Mr Abbott does, todays story about stealing a girls wave is the sort of rubbish that is being printed these days.

V) Two years ago one could have written the headline: sniping Turnbull could tip scales. You reap what you sow, Mr Van Onselen. Yes, you. Aka: spare us the hypocrisy.

VI) Rest assured that a sniping Vanonsolon won’t matter a fig, as he rates almost zero on the influence scale.

VII) If Turnbull wins the coming election then no future PM or government will be willing to take unpopular but necessary fiscal decisions. We will go down the pathway of populist tosh until the budget situation becomes intolerable and then political fireworks break out.

VIII) Why do you say “Of course” Turnbull won’t emulate Abbott’s win? Is it because Abbott was not as bad as Rudd, or because Turnbull is not as good as Abbott?

IX) While Turnbull is busy differentiating himself, he may as well bring back the mining tax, dismantle border protection and undo the free trade agreements. As for me, I will make my own differentiation at the ballot box.

X) I am finding it hard to comprehend the people in this forum who are saying they will vote for Labor over the LNP because of Turnbull. I too have not been very impressed with Turnbull so far, however, the prospect of a Labor government with the likes of Shorten, Plibersek and Bowen trying to run the country terrifies me! If that mob get control, Australia will never get out of debt in our lifetimes and what sort of legacy is that to leave to our children?

Funnily enough, I am on the same side as MR X, but I have to say that Malcolm seems to be doing everything he can to drive people like myself away. But so long as Tony is there, and his most important mates along with him, there remains no alternative comes the election.

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