Tony Abbott – what a difference he made

Two stories on Tony Abbott today, Abbott: the case for my foreign policy the first in today’s Australian on The national security case for the Tony Abbott government and the second just published in Quadrant, Abbott: I Was Right on National Security. Why is Turnbull not man enough to say so? From the article in The Oz:

Tony Abbott stands by his hard line on Islamist terrorism and his “Team Australia” rhetoric, and indirectly criticises the Turnbull government for not responding to the general request by the Obama administration to do more in the Middle East.

In a defence of his government’s national security policies, Mr Abbott says that in office he shunned the moral posturing of Labor, aspired to be America’s “most dependable” ally, did “shirt-front” Russian President Vladimir Putin and strengthened national security by practical action and close co-operation with other leaders.

And from Quadrant, the article begins:

As prime minister, I was determined to advance our interests, protect our citizens and uphold our values around the world. The best way to do this was usually to be as practically helpful as possible in our dealings with other countries. That meant putting aside the moral posturing of the Rudd years to be a country that said what it meant and did what it said.

What a difference he made!

There is also this from Andrew Bolt, The Belgian ambassador’s criticism of Turnbull is wrong: blame Islam and immigration, where we find this fantastic piece of self-delusion:

My view is that the terrorists who committed the latest attacks and in Paris and in Belgium are European-raised and born. Maybe from foreign origins, but they are Europeans. So it has nothing to do with the refugee crisis…

And therefore, presumably, another few million won’t make the slightest difference.

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