Is Trump Derangement Syndrome at an end?

Hope so. From Roger Simon:

I was heartened to read on Fox News today: “Donald Trump will reportedly meet Monday in Washington with nearly two dozen influential Republicans, with the apparent hope of improving relations with the GOP establishment.”

His supporters should not panic. I predict this is not the great sell-out. The meeting was arranged by Senator Jeff Sessions, the man said to have the greatest influence on Trump and not one known for selling out. This could be the beginning… even if a tentative one… of the end of Trump Derangement Syndrome and some kind of reconciliation.

I have to admit quite some dismay over the reaction to Trump. Style over substance seems to matter much too much for their and our good among the policy establishment. Therefore it is important that they consider this, also from Simon:

Will and others are suffering from such acute Trump Derangement Syndrome that they don’t allow themselves to acknowledge the obvious — most of Trump’s views, his current ones anyway, fall well within the conservative mainstream.

Add to that the certainty that no one else even has a ghost of a chance to beat Hillary, it really has been a shambles.

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