Replying to a #NeverTrump jerk

Another of these self-important fools who shows up under the heading of Why I’m Backing #NeverTrump: A “Cuckservative” Speaks. From the comments section to the post:

Too stupid for words. The whole point of the primary season is to fight for your guy (Walker, Cruz and Fiorina for me) and then absolutely most important of all, back whoever comes out on top, or else you are handing it to the Alinsky-communist Imelda Marcos serial mega-criminal Hillary Clinton, and NOBODY CAN BE THAT FRICKING STUPID! I just want to say go to stinking Hell to every person who can’t get over the the ridiculous mountains they keep making out of Trump molehills.

Every time he reacts to criticism by doing something ridiculous like calling his critic ugly I say fine with me, because I know that it isn’t just narcissism, that he feels that exact same visceral protectiveness for the country. THAT is what his blow-ups about killing the families of terrorists is about, to which I say it is about damned time. We have had eight years of a president who absolutely hates this country and face another four years of a woman who shares the exact same Islamophilic Alinsky communism. Two presidents in a row who are literal stinking communists, both direct acolytes of the leading American communist of the 20th century, and Stephanie is worried about Trump’s lack of refinement.

Sorry Stephanie, but your judgment is insane at the CRUDEST level, you and all the other “never Trumpers.” Absolutely horrible. Destroyers. Vapid, ludicrous, and self-centered beyond belief. Your moral posturing will be offended. Too bad. How about the survival of the nation?

We’ll do everything to save the country except get our nails dirty. Truly beneath contempt. There are plenty of other comments just like this one at the link.

[Via Instapundit through Sarah Hoyt who appears to agree with the nitwit who wrote the original post on why she would never vote for Trump. These people have rocks in their heads. The comments at Instapundit also seem to think Sarah is a queen-size jerk as well.]

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