Apparently this is becoming a common hashtag among Republicans who will vote Clinton before they let a Donald Trump become President. The article is titled, What Would Hamilton Do? which is based on a request among established Republicans to answer the question, What’s Wrong with Donald Trump? Before I continue, I will note that hundreds of emails is a drop in the ocean, but this is what we have:

Hundreds emailed; the breadth of response — across all regional, social, professional, and class divides and every conceivable wing of the party; and the depth of feeling, with her correspondents being “appalled, repulsed, afraid, and dismayed” at the prospect of Trump being either nominee or president. Their concerns included his authoritarian conduct, his lack of principle, his racism, his conduct toward women, his erratic behavior, and his potential access to the nuclear arsenal. They were party stalwarts who had voted Republican on a regular basis, served in Republican administrations, and raised money for and volunteered in campaigns.

Out of which a profile emerged:

“I’m a 40-year-old National Review and Instapundit-reading conservative who has voted for the Republican in every election since 1996. I intend to vote for Cruz in the primary and would be happy to vote for Cruz or Rubio in November. My opinions about Hillary Clinton are about what you would expect, and if it’s Hillary vs. Trump, I’ll most likely vote Libertarian. I’ve spoken with many of my friends from my College Republican days and it seems they all have the same thoughts. I will never vote for Trump. Ever. And if that brings about the end of the GOP, so be it. Any party that picks Trump as its voice is not a party I want to be affiliated with. He has no moral compass and no abiding principles except for self-promotion. Being in the wilderness, politically speaking, is preferable to being complicit in the election of Donald Trump, and with it the destruction of the party I have supported my entire adult life.”

Well, let us get down to it then. First, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to destroy the Republican Party as it now is. As useless at protecting what matters to me as the Democrats. I will happily exchange your aimless and worthless hides for the millions who are seeking a refuge from the mess you have made of the United States.

Second, if Hillary Clinton President does not fill you with horror then you are dead from the neck up. Your views and your values are dead to me. You have nothing you can say that will get us to agree. Off you go, you Democrat numbskull.

Third, if you are looking for a moral compass, you will not find it looking inside your own misbegotten souls. You cannot see what is at stake and care little about preserving your own society as it was and as millions wish it to be. Every new refugee hostel should be put up within princincts that have voted Clinton in the next election and then we will see how things go in 2020.

Fourth, you have no idea what democracy means. One vote per person, and no more than one vote per person. If you really do side with those who seek a borderless USA, then you have no clue what a nation state is and why there really is value in a continuity between something called America in 1816 and that entity with the same name in 2016. What exactly you are trying to preserve by voting Clinton escapes me since absolutely nothing that truly matters will survive eight more years like the the last eight have been.

Fifth, speaking about those last eight years, where have you been? The clamour you have been making about Obama all this time has been so quiet that I am not sure it could even have been detected. You have been given votes and seats year after year and have achieved nothing at all. So something else is going to be tried, and you can sit there with your hands covering your eyes but this is your fault since you allowed the system to break and did nothing to fix it.

So be off with you, you useless cowards. There is a new American about to be made, which we hope will be more like the old one you have been so willing to see go by.

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