“The most Australian-like presidential candidate in modern US history”

This is from the Steve Sailer open thread on the Republican debate from someone commenting under the name “unpc downunder”.

Steve, you’ll love the irony/national self-loathing in this one – Australian progressives are starting a petition to ban Trump from visiting Australia.

Why is this ironic ? because Trump is the the most Australian-like presidential candidate in modern US history.

Brash, blond, economic moderate and nationalist, tough on illegal immigration, concerned with pensions for veterans and little time for PC. He would probably be more at home in Queensland than Queens.

There was also this one which I found quite to the point, from “boomer expat”.

I live in Asia and when an Asian asks me about why Trump is popular, this is a way I use to explain it.

If you really want to understand Trump’s appeal, just look at the fact that 45% of US citizens don’t pay taxes because they don’t make enough due to jobs increasingly being low-level service work with many of the higher level jobs being taken by H1B.

Then combine it with this scenario – imagine the head of Japan announces:

1. Japan is opening its borders and plans to make the majority of the country Chinese and Muslims
2. Japanese privilege classes will begin in all schools to combat Japanese racism and the country will begin eliminating Japanese cultural events as non-inclusive
3. Japanese will pay more taxes to subsidize these workers who for the most part won’t be pay taxes
4. Crime and terrorism will go up but that is unavoidable and Xenophobic to mention
5. When any business employs a majority of Japanese ethnics, there will be a discussion of the “Japanese problem”
6. Preferences will be given in hiring to the newcomers
7. Any negative comments about what is going on will be clamped down on because if you don’t like this cultural cleansing you are Hitler.

Now, honestly ask yourself how the Japanese would react to this plan? Add those two together and it gives you an idea of why people are backing Trump.

After that, they all say they understand his appeal and would never let that type of scenario develop in their own country.

I’m sure there is something wrong with the analogy but will have to dwell on it for a while to see if I can work it out.

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