Merkel’s strategy

It was in listening to Mark Steyn above when it finally hit me that Angela Merket may not be as insane as I have up until now thought. What I am now beginning to consider is that she perfectly well understands the demographics, that Europe has voluntarily stopped breeding so that there will be a population decline over the next decades that will be filled by someone. Europe with half the number of Europeans as today will be unable to defend itself against invasion, and they will be coming from all sides. Although a massive longshot, the only hope is that these Muslim migrants can become Europeanised, even Germanised, before the demographics completely wipes out any possibility of this occurring at all. I don’t think it will work out that way, but at least in this instance I can see that it is at least a strategy. What is Germany without Germans is the question Mark asks. It may well end up being Turkey and Syria, given the way population numbers are going. I don’t know that is how she is thinking, but at least it makes some kind of sense, because these 20-30 years are going to go by, the current generation is going to retire and die off, and who then will be left? It’s a bleak and uninviting future, but if this is what’s in her mind, at least I can see the point.

isis trojan horse

The cartoon unfortunately contains the truth of it. Given the low state of education nowadays, even the phrase “Trojan horse” will have only limited meaning. But if you go back to your Iliad, you will find out what ultimately befell the defenders of Troy – in this case Europe – when the Greeks were finally able to breach the walls. Does anyone remember the personal fate of Cassandra? You may find modern parallels in Sweden or Cologne. There seems to be such grossly ignorant stupidity about the fate of those who lose wars. Not every conqueror is like the Americans or Israelis. See the Mughal invasion of India for a useful contrast. In the meantime, if the Germans would like to preserver German culture, it is just a suggestion but they should open their borders to free Chinese immigration. See below for an example of the kind of meshing of cultures that would work out very well on both sides.

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