What difference at this time does it make?

It doesn’t make any difference at all because 40% of the United States will vote for her no matter what, plus 90% of all voting residents of American cemeteries, plus 100% of undocumented migrants who are not legally entitled to vote but demand the franchise. Not to mention those who vote more than once who make up around 5-10% of the total vote count. Nor should we forget that important hacker-minority who are able to rewire voting machines who account for another important demographic. Plus the 80% of journalists who will tell you every day that no one is more deserving of the trust of the American people, especially given the high quality of service to the country she has shown in all of her previous lines of work. I don’t know why this Gowdy chap was being so mean to her, but what else can you expect from a Republican? In the second video below, the Democrat chair was much more solicitous of her condition when she had her pre-presidential coughing fit before the cameras.

That she is heading to the Democrat nomination in spite of everything imaginable standing in her way other than a form of partisanship no one could have imagined say going back to the 1990s is undeniable. You can be sure that the prevailing interests driving this outcome are not those of illegal migrants or minority groups but they are the interests of someone. Who they are? Why do they want her? How they are pulling the ropes? In relation to all of this I have no idea but their ability to control events is impressive.

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