Senator David Leyonhjelm comments at Catallaxy

The following is a comment by Senator David Leyonhjelm at Catallaxy as part of the thread on Time for Last Drinks at the Wake.

#1829310, posted on October 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm (Edit)

Good post Sinc. I share your view on this.

The contest is now Turnbull versus Shorten. Most commenters here prefer Shorten, but that’s not what I hear elsewhere.

This was the tradeoff that had to be gauged, would more votes be won than lost by switching from Tony as PM to Malcolm. So far there is hardly anything in it, a switch of maybe one or two percentage points with the ABC and The Australian running as hard a pro-Turnbull campaign as it is possible to imagine. Come the election, or even before that, come an actual Turnbull decision that offends the left and we shall see what happens then. In the meantime, Malcolm is running to the left of Tony. This, therefore, is the program Malcolm has to achieve to improve on Abbott’s record, given Sinclair’s list:

– Repeal 18C
– Reduce marginal income tax rates
– Repeal the Renewable Energy Target and unwind Direct Action
– Dismantle the “opposition within”, the professional activists of the Human Rights Commission.
– Call a vote in the Parliament on SSM
– Make sound and sensible decisions on national defence and especially on procurement.

None are on the agenda. I will consider it a win if we merely just continue to stop the boats, but even there my hopes are not all that high.

But here is my question for you. At the last Presidential election in 2012, who did you support, Obama or Romney? If it was Obama, then I don’t care about a single thing you think about, not a single thing.

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