Do as you would be done by

It’s things like this infuriating piece of hypocrisy from the political editor of The Australian that has me thinking about cancelling my sub:

Tony Abbott is trying to ensure his assassination does not mean that all the good he did as Caesar is interred with his bones, but must defend his legacy himself because there is no other ­“Anthony” who will do it for him.

But while the former prime minister has a legitimate right to borrow the ears of Ray Hadley’s radio listeners, he needs to ensure that in delivering his own eulogy he does not stir their “hearts and minds to mutiny and rage”.

Abbott has to strike a fine balance between citing his achievements, defending his name from the “evil” others suggest will live after him — and doing wrong to “the honourable men” who wronged him.

While there is a great deal of sympathy for Abbott among Liberal supporters who want him shown reverence in his demise, there are as many who will not forgive him if he shows he is ­ambitious and fatally damages those who have taken over.

Let me put it to you this way. Here are the issues that matter to me:

  • border protection
  • preventing as much as possible policies being put in place to deal with a non-existent problem in “climate change”
  • finding ways to restore the budget to balance through cuts to spending
  • fighting ISIS

So tell me this. Is there now a dime’s worth of difference between the Libs, Labor and the Greens? So far as policy goes, what difference will it make who wins the next election? The more I see the policies now being put in place by our new Government, policies that were obviously only prevented by Tony Abbott’s presence, the more I appreciate just how good he was and how hard the job he had was. What a singularly rotten crew he was dealing with. In the words of Eric Abetz:

It is understandable that with the removal of Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and myself from the Ministry that our core constituency feels disenfranchised and concerned that their views will no longer be heard.

Well it is understandable to me, just not to the political editor of The Australian for whom such thoughts, like the Golden Rule, are far too complex for him to comprehend.

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