Progressive internationalism

The deadliest enemy we have is that marriage of the left in general and the libertarian right in particular, best described as progressive internationalism. We few still seeking sanctuary within the nation state are being overwhelmed by these progressive internationalist policies, represented here in this article by George Soros, Europe mired in crisis without a common asylum-seeker policy. A pretty nondescript title, but let me take you to the six recommendations Soros provides:

First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future.

Second, the EU must lead the global effort to provide funding to Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey to support the four million refugees in those countries.

Third, the EU must immediately start building a single EU Asylum and Migration Agency and eventually a single EU Border Guard.

Fourth, safe channels must be established for asylum-seekers, starting with getting them from Greece and Italy to their destination countries.

Fifth, the operational and financial arrangements developed by the EU should be used to establish global standards for the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants.

Finally, to absorb and integrate more than a million asylum-seekers and migrants a year, the EU needs to mobilise the private sector — NGOs, church groups, and businesses — to act as sponsors.

Got it? Once we have been overwhelmed by their numbers, nothing of what we built will remain other than the technologies we were able to develop. The rest will be utterly swept away in a sea of barbarism. The only part I have never understood is why, other than hatred and envy, would anyone wish to see these changes taking place.

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