Lost the plot


UPDATE: From Andrew Bolt, which he has just put up, and with which I agree with each word:

Malcolm Turnbull is a wrecker. He has sabotaged the Liberal campaign in Canning, which the latest two polls show would have been won comfortably by a great candidate.

Second, Turnbull claims he is a better communicator than Abbott. Nothing in his record as Opposition Leader of Communications Minister backs up that boast.

Third, he risks splitting the Liberals with his stands on gay marriage and global warming, to name just two issues. He would not have stopped the boats or scrapped the carbon tax, and I doubt he would have pushed as remorsely as Tony Abbott from the free trade deal with China that he cited as his big economic agenda.

Turnbull is stealing the job he could not have won, using policy weapons he could not have designed and boasting of a communication ability he does not have to head a party he cannot unite.

The front page story in The Oz today is Tony Abbott urged to stare down leadership plotters.

Apparently, the only reason they can come up with to change the leader is that Tony is down in the polls. As far as policy goes, these empty-headed conspirators, led by the most empty-headed of the lot, have nothing to offer so far as a change of policy goes, at least not so far as the kinds of policy someone like myself wishes to see followed.

If the issue to them is the risk to their own seats, these are such craven people, with no serious vision of what is necessary to keep this nation safe and prosperous. A policy of open-bordered greenery is not only idiotic, it will also more likely than not lose the next election irrespective which party decides to make the case, that is, unless both decide to. So long as Tony is there, at least one party will not. Après Tony le déluge I’m afraid, but we should try to keep it off as long as possible, and maybe others will even wake up to the actual problems we have.

UPDATE: The news does come thick and fast. The Libs must have been set to win Canning on the weekend since Turnbull has now resigned from Cabinet and Bishop is pushing for a leadership spill. These people are utterly vile. I’ve taken everything below from Andrew Bolt.

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop have asked Tony Abbott for a leadership vote tomorrow. This comes after a string of destabilising leaks with Bishop’s fingerprints on it, and others from the Turnbull camp. First they weaken Abbott, and then then complain he’s crippled. Interesting is the absence this time around of Scott Morrison in their mooted lineup. But he has not defended Abbott, either.


Had Abbott been given loyalty, he would have won the next election against Bill Shorten. But I’m afraid many MPs will feel they have no option but to reward people who put their own ambitions above their party’s, fearing this will go on and on. But many conservatives will never wear this and with good reason will never trust those who have shown they deserve none. For them the question will be: would a Labor victory be their only chance of getting back a Liberal party that represents them?


Scott Morrison will not stand against Abbott.


Turnbull has resigned as Minister. At his press conference, he claims the government has not “been successful in providing the economic leadership our nation needs”. “We need a different style of leadership” – one which explains the changes and “respects the people’s intelligence”, that has advocacy and “not slogans”. (But is Turnbull really a better communicator?)

Turnbull says Shorten would be catastrophic, noting his opposition to the China free trade deal. (Which Abbott actually achieved.) “We need to restore traditional cabinet government” with no “captain’s calls”. (Turnbull so far has hit on most Labor talking points.) Turnbull admits this is not ideal, giving the Canning byelection. (But this is hypocrisy: he has determined the timing.)

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