Je hebt nog steeds niet krijgen

You know, Andrew Bolt just doesn’t get it. He really is just too clueless to understand the damage he has caused. Look at this latest post which is supposedly pointing the finger at the ALP: Labor – a party of lots of Bronwyn Bishops.

The metaphor he has helped establish is Bronwyn Bishop who was doing nothing more than her job by going to a party function from somewhere else she had been in the afternoon. If the country is too ignorant to know what it costs to run a Parliamentary system, then educate them. But Bronnie did nothing wrong that I can see, other than take a form of transport for which the Commonwealth is overcharged by a factor of ten. The scandal was in allowing such charging to take place, not that she took this form of transport. But to think he is turning the issue back on Labor by using Bronwyn Bishop’s name shows just how little he really understands about politics.

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