Dealing with the red-green faction of the Liberal Party

In the poll showcased by Sinclair, this was the tally that mattered. So far as Coalition voters are concerned: Abbott 41% / Turnbull 21%. Among Coalition voters, the split thus is 66.1% Abbott and 33.9% Turnbull. And would you like to know why? From a few days ago:

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull added pressure by live-tweeting his morning journey by public transport from Melbourne to Geelong — the same journey for which Mrs ­Bishop notoriously claimed a $5227 helicopter bill in ­November. “One tram, one train, one car,” Mr Turnbull said.

My dim and distant memory is that Peter Costello refused the leadership in 2007 primarily because he was not prepared to put up with the continuous white anting from Turnbull. Life was to short so he gave it away, and we have missed out on a great potential Prime Minister. Instead we had Brendan Nelson, who was white anted instead. Then Turnbull, who white anted himself with his incompetence. And how he is doing the same with Abbott.

The red-green faction of the Liberal Party is a major problem, and I just wish they’d stop. The government would be in a much better position if there was less treachery. Abbott I think understands all too well what is happening around him. But you are forced to work with the materials you have. He remains the most conservative and free market Prime Minister we are likely to have any time soon. He’s not perfect. He’s only better than any and all of the rest.

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