If you would will the end you must will the means

Here’s a story that will run endlessly on the ABC-Age-SMH, not. From Andrew Bolt, under the heading, Will Wong and Shorter repay us? More to the point, will anyone care?

Senior Labor figures, including Bill Shorten, Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Penny Wong and Nicola Roxon, have claimed $13,600 in taxpayer-funded travel to address party fundraisers in Bathurst.

The single largest claimant was Mr Swan, who as treasurer chartered a $7981 return flight from his Brisbane electorate to the country town, 200km west of Sydney, in September 2009.

We have a Prime Minister we do not deserve. Honest, considered, sensible, and filled with a wish to make Australia a better place. He wants to stop the boats, which he has done, and is trying to get some rationality into dealing with global warmists. He has enemies, however, and even some of his friends are fair-weather at best. His enemies, on the other hand, never stop and they are not found only on the other side of the House. From a couple of days ago:

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull added pressure by live-tweeting his morning journey by public transport from Melbourne to Geelong — the same journey for which Mrs ­Bishop notoriously claimed a $5227 helicopter bill in ­November. “One tram, one train, one car,” Mr Turnbull said.

That is so much of what this is about, the leadership of the Liberal Party. Go on, take Abbott down. Use Bronwyn Bishop as a lever. But if you do, all the junk you go on about global warming and stopping the boats will be just so much cant. In fact, speaking of Kant, let me remind you of his most useful maxim: if you would will the end, you must will the means. If you think the Green-Left faction of the Liberal Party will give you the ends you say you want, you may find out soon enough just how untrue that is.

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