The lost republic

Linked from Roger Simon who writes re Obama:

He is the man who assures us he successfully reformed our healthcare and saved our economy despite adding about eight trillion to the national debt (nearly doubling it) and overseeing an all-time low in labor participation, approaching a hundred million souls not even looking for work. (Why should they? They can get all the sushi they want on food stamps anyway.)

Okay, there have been a few setbacks on the racial front, but not to worry. He is a master of foreign affairs. So what if those religious sociopaths in Tehran get the bomb? They’re our friends now. We’re not going to be any higher than third or fourth on their target list. And, yes, it’s true that jayvee team from Rakka has taken over half of Iraq and Syria and is threatening just about everywhere else (including wherever you are right now) but that’s sports. Upsets happen. Didn’t you see Nadal go out in the third round at Wimbledon on Thursday?

It’s about a dumbed-down country as it can be, with no ethos of public service, only a weak set of sentiments that are now the reverse of self-help and independence. The Republic is lost and the rest of us are on our own.

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