Why isn’t it being funded by the Libs?

Here is a story that is in some ways easy to understand but not in others: Major networks, cable and streaming services reject Gillard biopic as too toxic for TV ratings.

Surely there is someone out there willing to sacrifice a few dollars on behalf of the country. The only condition if they are to get the money is that the film must be released a month or two before the next election. The whole story is even worse than you can imagine, the blacklisting of this film and all. As Tim Blair discusses:

Everything was looking good for Griffiths when plans for the biopic were announced in 2013. “I am thrilled to portray Australia’s first female prime minister and explore the private aspects of her remarkable term,” Griffiths said.

“I believe that the creative and intellectual capacity of the team involved will produce a stunning drama that will reframe this historic period in our cultural and political life.”

Alas, television networks and almost everybody else did not share Griffiths’s belief. The project was rejected by networks, cable broadcasters, digital streaming services and possibly even children’s puppet theatre workshops.

“They think the public were sick of the story and no one will watch this show,” moaned the telemovie’s executive producer Richard Keddie.

“The networks think people still hate Julia.”

Not to worry. I’d watch it for sure. It would be better than The Rocky Horror Show and then some.

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