Auditioning for the ABC

She is obviously auditioning for a gig at the ABC when she is finally relieved of her present post:

The head of Australia’s human rights watchdog has linked Indon­esia’s refusal to negotiate on the death penalty for executed Bali drug-smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to the Abbott government’s policy of turning back the boats.

Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs said nobody could disagree with the need to stop refugees drowning at sea. “Boats have got to stop,” she said. “But have we thought about what the consequences are of pushing people back to our neighbour Indonesia? Is it any wonder that Indonesia will not engage with us on other issues that we care about, like the death penalty?”

It is more than their drowning that had to stop although that’s part of it. Their coming was what had to stop, as every country in the region has now made clear. The story provides a brief reminder of just how out of it she is:

The Weekend Australian revealed on Saturday that she had ordered $5.9 million in compensation payments in just three years, making up more than half of all recommended payouts since 1996. This included a call for $350,000 in compensation for John Basikbasik, who was detained for eight years after serving a seven-year jail sentence for bashing his pregnant wife to death.

I know there are serious issues around but when human rights are put in the hands of people who don’t seem to understand them bad things do flow.

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