The world’s press is in the hands of the left, and their priorities are the ones you see in the news. What do they care about? Whatever it is, it is not Palmyra. The only way something might be done is if there were a rise of international indignation at the potential destruction of these ancient ruins and this could happen only if every news outlet in the world spoke of this destruction. For the record, from Hal Colebatch on what might be done:

Effective ground intervention cannot be expected from the US, which, under the fumbling, bumbling Obama administration, has made so many policy errors that Obama’s mere loyalty is actually being called into question, and not only by conspiracy-obsessed ­paranoids.

The world’s policeman, whose reassuring presence on the beat we have taken for granted for decades, has chucked away his badge and headed for the saloon — or rather, in this case, the golf course.

So it looks as if saving this treasure of the human heritage is up to us — that is, to the English-speaking countries, plus the rest of civilisation that takes the traditions and heritage of civilisation seriously: France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Japan, for starters.

The Italians, at least, might care to save their Roman fore­fathers’ work, and to show the ghosts of those forefathers that they too can resist onslaughts of the Barbaricum.

Despite post-Cold War cuts, these countries still command quite powerful armed forces, and a combined expeditionary force to save Palmyra may not even have to do any fighting: their presence, with manifest determination and modern weapons, may deter ­Islamic State.

This is the kind of thing that needs to be done. Which means it won’t happen.

ANOTHER ARTICLE ON PALMYRA: This should not even be a political issue, but one that everyone can agree on. Why aren’t we taking out those flag waving ISIS trucks? from The American Thinker:

Let me make a simple suggestion: Bomb those flag-waving trucks!

I’m sure that you’ve all seen those parades of trucks celebrating and waving those ISIS flags.

Take them out. Send ISIS a message that their advances will be met with U.S. force. Fire missiles from ships in the Mediterranean and use strike planes to deliver a message.

The flag-waving trucks are a demonstration of ISIS’s advances. Stop them. Blow them up with a display of bombs and missiles unseen by these terrorists.

What are you waiting for Mr President? You can’t run out the clock on this one!

We live in darkening times.

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