The best thing that can be said about Obama is that maybe he’s just stupid

We still go safely to bed at night and these things are still a million miles from our homes. But they are getting closer and there are no barriers being place in their way by anyone at the top of our societies. The article: Amid talks, Mideast nightmare looms. Oh well, it’s just the Middle East. What’s any of this got to do with us?

Let’s face it: While we’re busy taking the pulse of level-headed negotiators in Switzerland, we forget that Iran’s a fanatical republic, intent on spreading its Shiite Islamic ideology far and wide. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif endlessly smiles at us in Lausanne, but in Iran, the man charged with exporting the revolution, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, has become a local hero.

Meanwhile, every small gain for Soleimani’s growing army of proxy militias strikes ever more fear among its Sunni enemies, many of whom feel it necessary to join with jihadi groups to roll back Tehran’s advances.

The see-no-evil deference paid by the Obama folks in the hope of reaching an agreement and maybe converting Iran’s mullahs into peace-lovers has only left the region more volatile.

Far from helping to pacify the region, the talks in Switzerland have only escalated wars there. Whether we reach a deal on Iran’s nukes or not, they have only helped Iran further its own goals — which fly in the face of our own.

The assumption that this is just there and will not soon be here is so ostrich-like that it defies belief. But this is one story in the midst of a million more about the latest goings on with Brad and Trish. Meanwhile, our European home is beset by Up to 1m migrants waiting to enter Europe, warns Italian prosecutor. Just imagine if they succeed, and what do you suppose is going to stop them?

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