Who are these people to criticise us?

Stacy McCain brings up something that has also been known to get under my skin. Who are these moral giants who feel free they can criticise the rest of us for our moral failings? I never see anything particularly exceptional about them, but they feel they can set standards for everyone else, based on their own standards of perfection which they never seem to live up to themselves. (See Bill and Hillary for the kind of people who should under no circumstances ever say a word about anything anyone else ever does.) They are more like moral cretins. This is part of how it’s described:

American society, means that we can never have a moment’s peace.

Constantly, we find the Left dividing us, demanding that we choose sides and accusing us of hateful selfishness if we do not join their crusades to destroy American society.

They yell “Civil rights!” And you are a RACIST if you don’t support whatever agenda the Left is pushing. They yell “Economic equality!” And you are a CAPITALIST OPPRESSOR who hates working people if you don’t support the Left’s agenda. “Gay rights!” You’re an ignorant prejudiced HOMOPHOBE. “Women’s rights!” You’re a MISOGYNIST who hates women.

The Left’s agenda is always about accusing us — ordinary Americans just going about our daily lives — of hateful selfishness. Accuse! Accuse! Accuse!

Once you start noticing this pattern, eventually you feel the need to ask these “progressive” activists a simple question: “Who are YOU to accuse ME?”

What gives these people the moral authority to accuse honest law-abiding citizens of “oppressing” others? What acts of unselfish generosity have these “progressives” ever done, that would qualify them as such exemplary characters as to judge us?

Who elected them the Official Arbiters of Social Justice?

Who indeed? They have been calling the moral shots since from around the mid-1960s and while there are some things that have become better, the US is now a lot lot less a good place to live today than it was then. It may be richer, but it is not better.

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