Who’s in charge and what do they want?

If ever there was a book designed to make you appreciate how little one even knows of the times in which they live, it was Diana West’s epic American Betrayal. And in spite of the efforts to kill this book by people on what you would normally think of as on the conservative side of politics – the left has never had to lift so much as a finger to do the dirty work – it continues to make its way in the world. West has now put up a post of further reflections on her own book as she prepares the audio tape version: Rereading American Betrayal: Why Did Uncle Sam Keep Soviet Secret Agents a Secret?

The book is about the Roosevelt White House, but it is also about our own times right now. Maybe fifty years from now, if we are still as free then as we are today, some future Diana West may write the actual story of who Obama really is and what he was up to. In the meantime, you should read the book. There is nothing its equal anywhere in our political literature. But the real reason to read the book is so you can then follow the argument about the forces that have tried to destroy this book’s credibility on our side of the fence. When you have finally come to terms with all of that, you can wonder about what those political forces there are and where we are being led.

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