Capitalism and its absence in the third world

This from J.R. Dunn on The Elites bow to Mecca. Worth reading in full, but this is the most salient point:

The reigning ideology of the leftist segment of the elite class — which sets the tone for the moderates (whoever the hell they may be) and the wet conservatives, is multiculturalism. This can be stated as the contention that all whites are guilty of oppressing all nonwhites and must constantly be prepared to atone for it.

It used to be that the working class was the salt of the earth, until it turned out that they liked what capitalism had created for them. Now it is the people for whom the capitalist system remains unreachable, and therefore remain in deepest poverty, who are the recipients of socialist solicitude. Except that these same third world people have shown a very strong attraction to the capitalist system. And if the system cannot be brought to them, they are determined to make it to capitalist countries, where even the crumbs from such a bountiful system leave them better off than would anything else they might have done back in the places they have departed from.

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