Justice delayed is justice denied, and then there’s Mark Steyn

I can only assume that whatever powers that be that might exist within the American legal system, there would be at least some effort being made to expedite the case of one of the most media savvy people in the universe. Not the case at all, or if it is the case, just how fantastically slow must that system be in normal times. Here Mark catches us up on how things are going in the trial of the century against not-the-Nobel-Prize winning climate change liar, Michael Mann:

This case is no nearer a trial date than it was two years ago, but even someone such as myself, who has long argued that the process is the punishment, has to doff his cap to the playful lads at the DC Court of Appeals, who after sitting on the case lo these many months decide to schedule oral arguments on a case in which almost all parties live way out of jurisdiction for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I suppose I should be grateful they didn’t make it Wednesday, and well and truly stuff my turkey.

This is seriously insane. Is there not one branch of the American system of governance that is up to the mark? Watching this inaction has been a cosmic experience, but how must it be for people without money or access to the media?

You can help with the defence in a kind of twofer; you can as I have done, provide funds to the Mark Steyn defence and also get a copy of The [Un]documented Mark Steyn written by the single greatest satirist in the world today.

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