It’s the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of an even numbered year

The US is falling apart in so many ways that if it had an even relatively unbiased media, the ruling party would be completely routed. But when the votes are all finally counted, the president will still be president and it is only one-third of the Senate up for election. There is the possibility that the Republicans will end up with a 51-49 majority in the Senate, for all the difference that will make. But to do that seven Senate seats will have to turn, not impossible but still improbable, especially with the inbuilt voter fraud that is part of the Democrat MO. The front page at Drudge has it as kind of odds on but we will know tomorrow:

CNN 95%
NYT: 70%

And while the past is prelude, the biggest issue is the one hardly mentioned, Obama’s plans to order 34 MILLION green cards for illegal immigration ‘amnesty’ is ‘confirmation of the crisis facing our Republic,’ claim GOP lawmakers. The story is from The Daily Mail, an issue barely mentioned by the American press. Of course, it’s not an announced policy. The US is already a different place from the one I once knew. This would make it unrecognisable.

Obama aims to be the most transformative president in history. Having a Republican House and a bare majority in the Senate will not stop him from doing what he has set himself to do. No more elections for him after this, but how much will it really matter by then?

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