The New Palmer Song

The news comes thick and fast, Clive Palmer folds, admits key date falsified over China funds:

CLIVE Palmer signed and executed a document that he falsely backdated by 11 months to provide an explanation for his siphoning of $12 million in Chinese funds for his own use.

The document, titled “Port Management Services Agreement’’, has been previously ­described as a “sham transaction” and a fabrication by the Chinese government-owned companies which accuse the Palmer United Party leader of dishonesty and fraud.

The Weekend Australian can reveal Mr Palmer now admits the key document, which came from his company, was not created on June 1 last year, the date next to his signature on the paperwork.

Mr Palmer admits in his formal legal defence, filed in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, that the document was created 11 months later, in April or May this year. This means the document was produced long after he took the funds, which bankrolled the PUP into the federal election in September last year. . . .

The acknowledgment by Mr Palmer that the document was falsely dated will raise further questions in his Supreme Court civil trial this month about who backdated it and whether the ­intent was improper. The Citic Pacific-owned companies seek declarations including “that Palmer dishonestly procured or was involved in” a breach of trust, and that he knowingly assisted the company he controlled, Mineralogy, “in its dishonest and fraudulent breach of trust”.

But there are two sides to every story:

Mr Palmer’s defence, which was filed on Thursday, admits the budget made no such provisions, and that he authorised the payments of $2.167m and $10m. Mr Palmer ­denies he acted fraudulently or dishonestly. His defence insists he “did not know that the funds in the bank account were trust funds — if it be the case, which is denied …”

Politics is such an entertainment I don’t know why anyone bothers with Game of Thrones.

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