An instructive thread on community opinion

The Australian has published an article whose main message can be read from this single paragraph:

In a good community, we can empathise with our neighbours. We can empathise with Muslim people in our community that they are in a difficult spot because of the actions of a small number of extremists.

The comments thread at the Catallaxy blog in response to this article may be read as representative of conservative opinion in Australia. This is not untypical:

The religion of Islam, it’s teachings , it’s followers are committed to some extent or other to displacing the infidels and their laws. According to Islam, this can be achieved by submission or by elimination. Islam wants imposition of sharia. Those are the facts.

Smiling friendly moslems aside, every moslem believes in this, whether they enable it or not. Your article above exhorts us to reach out to our would be conquerors. You may not realise it but we, the Christian West, are in a struggle to keep our way of life intact. The wars going on in the ME are the overt battles. The more important battle IMO is the one being waged right here – in the blogs and media of the West. For the hearts and minds of everyday people. Because it is us, voters, who will either allow Islam to grow in our midst or halt that cancer.

You have chosen to be with the appeasers. So be it. There are however those who won’t give in to the false comfort of appeasement, like me. Islam wants to take away my way of life. Islam wants us changed. The way I see it if enough Australians reject Islam here, that will be prevented. I reject Islam and this Govts capitulation in not naming this enemy in our society is vile. I wont be reaching out to Islam.

Read the entire thread. It is quite instructive.

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