The traditional refrain of the sociopath, the monster, the bully and the aggressor

From the comments thread at Catallaxy on “Breaking news at Endeavour Hills Police station”, where a terrorist was shot dead trying to murder two Australian policemen:

The one marginally more positive thing I can see in the wash up of this is that authorities are not pretending that this is anything but terror related as they have done in many other countries in similar situations . This kind of delusional thinking that is tantamount to coverup harms our ability to respond to future threats by masking militant Muslims in a cloak of respectability.

Having said that it would be hard to do otherwise in the circumstances. The guy was clearly a person of interest and clearly came armed and aiming to inflict injury or death.

But what is not so heartening is that as predictable as the tide, Muslim spokespersons are as good as claiming it’s the police’s fault.

This quoted on Andrew Bolt’s site:

”The AFP officer was stabbed a number of times, and the Victorian police officer was stabbed twice in the arm before he shot the man dead…

Ghaith Krayem, Secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said he was a “little disappointed” with the police press conference after the incident…

“The police have come out very clearly and almost have said it was the young man’s fault, and I don’t know in the fall of time that may prove to be the case, but I think within a couple of hours I was disappointed…”

The Islamic Council of Victoria expressed “deep sorrow” over the incident, which left the officers in hospital in a stable condition…

“There needs to be a full and objective investigation into this incident to ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated,” the council said in a statement today.

“This tragedy highlights the real cost of a failure to deal with these serious issues and why we have made numerous calls on the Australian government to deal with the root causes of alienation and disaffection of people such as this.”

The same grievance bullshit that attempts to place blame on the victims – in the police force and in wider society who are the subject of this Muslim inflicted violence that we see time and time and time again overseas.

Let me state clearly, in every western country which has been infiltrated by Muslims, some of whom are motivated by a murderous rage against anyone not Muslim or not the right type of Muslim, the constant claim is one of alienation and grievance. This is how these people work themselves up. Even many of those who are not directly motivated by rage against the west too often appear to be susceptible to grievance language which then influences them to support those who are willing to act violently.

Grievance language is also how they cover their activities, because the mantle of victimhood and grievance against the western civilization is a value that they share with the Left, which provides them with cover.

The constant refrain of militants, even while physically abusing and attacking non-muslims is some thing like – “If only you stopped defending yourself we would not have to attack you”.

This is the traditional refrain of the sociopath, the monster, the bully and the aggressor. And this was what the Islamic Council of Victoria is pandering to. Predictably.

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