On the road in northern France

Here I am in the far north west of France, on my way today to Auchy-des-Hesdins, the home of J.-B. Say where he went to set up and run his factory making textiles after being exiled by Napoleon for refusing to endorse his centralised economic policies. That Napoleon also offered him an immense amount of money, in the form of an appointment as a tax commissioner, which he indignantly knocked back, may be the single most principled act in the history of economics. See who else would refuse something like ten times the average wage, and especially someone who could have you arrested at will, because he did not agree with what he was asked to write. But such as he was.

I might add that virtually my last act before heading off was to do the final touches of the 2nd ed which will be out in September. I like to tell those here in France that my Free Market Economics is Say’s sixth edition as it combines emphasis on the entrepreneur, uncertainty and Say’s Law. I am looking forward to the factory tour tomorrow.

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