The obvious explanation is almost certainly the correct explanation

Either the explanation for the following is quite straightforward although extremely sinister, or there is a subtle policy being promoted that no one will understand until its fulfilment in some particular way.

Abbas and the PA continue to insist that any solution to the current crisis be achieved only through Egypt, which is interested in seeing an end to Hamas’ rule over the Gaza Strip.

But the Obama Administration obviously does not share this view. It has chosen a different path — one that would result in keeping Hamas in power and empowering the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of moderate, pro-Western Arabs and Muslims.

Palestinian officials in Ramallah made it clear this week that they no longer trust the US Administration because of Kerry’s attempt to “appease” Qatar and Turkey at the expense of the Palestinian Authority and Egypt.

“Someone needs to remind Kerry that Qatar is not the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinians,” said a senior Palestinian official in Ramallah.

Another official, Ahmed Majdalani, warned that the Palestinians and Egyptians wouldn’t allow Kerry to “bypass” their leaders and meddle in the internal affairs of the Palestinian people.

By siding with Qatar and Turkey, the Obama Administration is effectively expressing its opposition to the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. Moreover, the Obama Administration now finds itself on the same side with Iran, which is also vehemently opposed to disarming Hamas.

The obvious explanation is that the American administration sides with Hamas and against America’s allies. Is there another? If there is, no one has been able to say what it is.

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