QPR v Derby

Tonight’s the night to decide who will go back to the Premier League. The video is of my QPR side from the 1970s that ended up runners up to Liverpool. A great great side.


60 min: Gary O’Neil is sent off! Lee Mason took a moment or two to consult with his assistant and although Clint Hill was trying to make up the ground from the left, he was too far away and O’Neil had to go. O’Neil doesn’t bother complaining and QPR are down to 10 men!

GOAL! Derby 0-1 QPR (Zamora, 90 min)
Bobby Zamora has repeated his heroics from 2005 and surely won it for QPR! Derby are stunned. It all came from a throw, but what a horrible mess. Hoilett battled his way past a limp challenge to reach the byline on the right and send a low ball into the area. There wasn’t much of a problem for Derby – until Keogh took a hapless swipe at it and sent it straight to Zamora, who sized it up, opened up his body and then curled a delicious first-time effort high past Grant and into the top-right corner with his left foot! What a finish! The 10 men lead!

Full-time: Derby 0-1 QPR
Bobby Zamora has sent QPR back into the Premier League! Incredible!

The highlights tape of the whole game.

Some needed balance, however, from Theodore Dalrymple:

Sport is morally and financially corrupt from top to bottom. Of the corruption at the top it is hardly necessary to speak. And the lessons it teaches, even at an amateur level, are horrible: win at all costs, be unscrupulous, cheat if necessary, take drugs to make you stronger. It arouses primitive, violent emotions, and appears to be worsening in this regard: the authors quote statistics showing that severe aggression was reported in 7,750 amateur football matches in France in 2006-7, and in the year following in 12,008 matches (half of the incidents were of real violence).


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