Four Prime Ministers in Four Years?

They bring down a budget with a tax increase they said they’d never have and their re-election chances go from 90% to 10%.

Their expertise is politics but mine is economics. Economically it would be idiocy, the worst imaginable mistake. The politics we shall see for ourselves but bad economics cannot be good politics.

If Bill becomes PM in 2017, we will have had four Prime Ministers in four years.

The tax increases will be in aid of paying for the NBN, the NDIS, Labor’s stimulus debts and other gross mistakes. You are doing what no ALP Prime Minister would ever do. They just leave this to you so that they can return in three years with the by-then-fresh promise of honest government. We will not lie to you, unlike the Libs, we tell the truth where it counts. As he resigns from Parliament, the Prime Minister may have that warm inner glow that he did the right thing, or at least the right thing as he saw it. For the rest of us, all we will see is that he could have been there for a decade and barely made it to three. And the media will make another Coalition unelectable for as far as the eye can see.

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