National statistical falsification and fraud are rampant in the US

The level of corruption in the US seems to know few bounds. Robbing the law abiding and productive to buy the votes of the improvident and shameless in a system where everyone abides by the election result irrespective of how many votes are stolen along the way makes it dead easy for the Democrats to control the process. Not perfect, but good enough to get the job done. It is no longer even imaginable that the Republicans will win a presidential election anytime in the conceivable future. Even with the American economy in swift descent into an Argentinian future if not the full Venezuelan, there is virtually no chance the next president will be from the supposedly right side of politics.

But in case the demographic shifts, multiple voting and ballot-box rigging aren’t quite enough, there is now this.

Others who work at Census in different areas of the country are stepping forward to tell me similar stories about data being changed at the whim of supervisors who are more concerned about making quotas than protecting the integrity of information that is used for everything from cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security recipients, monetary policy decisions by the Federal Reserve and business plans by companies in the US.

“I can tell you that waste, falsification and fraud are rampant,” says one of my new sources, who works as a Census supervisor in the Midwest and handles a number of surveys, including those on jobs, health and crime.

When this source complained, higher-ups “told me to shut my mouth.” When that didn’t happen, the source was deprived of work.

If they can get away with the IRS they can get away with anything. This is small-time stuff relative to the rest. As a country, however, the US is done for.

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