The hardest quiz I ever saw

The Guardian has set up a quiz based on a comparison of statements made, either by Patrick Bateman, the eponymous hero of American Psycho, and the other none other than our former Labor foreign minister, Bob Carr. As The Guardian explains:

One is Australia’s former foreign minister, the other a fictional investment banker and serial killer. But both share an obsessive attention to detail about diet, exercise and lifestyle. Can you tell who said what?

Here, as an example, is the first question in the quiz:

1. “I take a bran muffin, a decaffeinated herbal tea bag and a box of oat-bran cereal. A bowl of oat-bran cereal with wheatgerm and soy milk follows; another bottle of Evian water and a small cup of decaf tea after that.”

Bob            ο

Patrick      ο

You can do the rest of the test at the Guardian website online: Quotation quiz: Bob Carr or American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman – who said what?. But Bob, if The Guardian thinks you are a buffoon even with the Labor brand name, you are in some kind of new territory you have carved out for yourself.

[My thanks to JIK for sending it along.]

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