With each day there is less to admire about the US and more to fear

The US is unselfconsciously becoming a corrupt one-party-state autocracy. It has the form and the constitution of a free society but it less and less has the substance. Mark Steyn’s travails within the legal system continue with this latest episode Law is Hell. A more self-conscious society would be embarrassed by what he is revealing but its self-image as the perfect society of freedom and justice has not yet been penetrated by a more accurate understanding of the reality behind the facade. Although quite a bit of his post is about his own efforts in dealing with Michael Mann and the hockey stick, this story he tells about Dinesh D’Souza is incredible:

Take Dinesh D’Souza, one of those “political enemies” who’s managed to attract the attention of the feds. For a campaign finance “violation” of $15,000, he has already been handcuffed and perp-walked, bailed for half-a-million, lost his passport and freedom of movement, and requires permission from a judge even to travel from New York to Boston. This is disgraceful. Yet D’Souza now faces the choice between confessing to something or having his life ruined. This is a disgusting, capricious system of which Americans should be entirely ashamed.

Even if “shame” were the right word for the emotion they should be feeling, they’re not ashamed because it is not how they see it themselves. And “disgraceful” is far too weak to really capture any sense of the oppressive nature of the evolving political structures of the US if the D’Souza prosecution and the IRS are now standard practice. Americans do not see themselves as an unfree people, but it is how more and more of America’s friends are beginning to see where the US has gone and is going. The speed at which things are coming apart is terrifying but there is no denying the direction. With each day there is less to admire about the US and more to fear.

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