The non-existent principle of free speech on the left

Here is where the controversy over Tim Wilson’s appointment to the HRC overlaps with the controversy in the United States over Duck Dynasty:

Our current social understanding of free speech is this: You can speak your mind freely if you have a large enough army of supporters to pressure a company [and in Australia the Government itself] into resisting pressure from a large army of Speech Police.

This is not free speech. This is free speech as an exceptional thing — only for those with a wide, passionate following — not as a routine thing.

A&E is a cowardly organization. First it puts Robertson on ‘indefinite hiatus’ under pressure from one group of people, then it puts him back on the air because they’ve been pressured by a somewhat larger group of people.

At no point did they trip over anything resembling a general principle of speech free from ‘consequences’ of broad application.

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