The left will still seek to destroy anyone who dares to dissent

Mark Steyn wrote an article in which he basically told his editor at National Review Online to get rooted only much less politely than that. Steyn had written an article in defence of the Duck Dynasty and found his editor at NRO taking sides against him. Mark Steyn’s scathing and angry reply elicited a further reply from his editor. A bit complex, but made up of a brief article by Mark, an inane response by his editor, a further rejoinder by Mark and then another even more idiotic response from his editor.

But what really interests me is this from Mark Noonan at the blogsite This was his comment on the second statement by the National Review Online editor:

No, Mr. Steyn cannot mount an argument against the left without insulting them. To disagree with them is, in their view, to be insulting. We’re not dealing with rational people, here. We’re dealing with people who are, in the largest sense of the word, insane. For crying out loud, they really think that its ok to kill a baby! When you’re dealing with that sort of irrationality, trying to keep it polite is the least of your concerns. Our job, as sane people, is to drive these people entirely out of power. We won’t do that if we try to pretend that lunacy has a proper place in the debate.

And now he has written an even more scathing article defending Mark and attacking the NRO editor in no uncertain terms. This is the best para but it’s a short post so you should read it in full:

As I noted in my small comment, liberals are essentially insane. Not in the clinical sense where we could diagnose and treat them, but in the fact that what they propose flies in the face of facts and logic. That what they propose, if really and fully implemented, would utterly destroy human life on earth. People who think that babies can be killed, that tax increases cause prosperity, that crony-capitalism is a good idea, that government employees are altruistic, that a small elite can better decide things than people on their own; that a hack, Chicago politician is a new messiah – these are not rational views to hold. Added to their irrationality and completing it is a mercilessness which knows no bounds. You can rely on it that no matter how nice and polite we are, the left will still seek to destroy anyone who dares to dissent. This is not a call for us to start being mean and merciless – but for pity’s sake, don’t just sit there and be a punching bag. Hit back. And keep on hitting because until we completely remove the left from all ability to effect policy in this nation, we will not be able to reform and save it.

I let my subscription to National Review lapse years ago and I now almost never visit its website. I am more of the persuasion of Mark Steyn and Mark Noonan. We are dealing with uncertifiable nutters whose pious and hypocritical superficial inanities will yet be the ruin of us.

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