They will wreck it if they can

How many different ways does the Labor/Green Alliance work to undermine this country. There cannot be two principles to rub together in refusing temporary protection visas. What is the fundamental reason for this, other than a desire to see more boats arrive? This, however, is what they say:

Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young told the chamber the government’s cruelty should not harm the hearts of people who have suffered so much already.

‘No longer will these refugees have to live in limbo,’ she said.

‘These visas never worked as a deterrent, they only punished the most vulnerable.’ . . .

Labor frontbencher Kim Carr told the chamber Labor supported the motion because the visas could result in further tragedies.

‘TPVs act as a magnate for women and children… such is the desperation of people seeking to be reunited with their loved ones,’ Senator Carr said, explaining that the visas remove scope for family reunions.

But on the other hand, this is from the Government:

The outcome was slammed by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison who vows to press on with the coalition’s commitments to fight people smuggling.

‘The vote to abolish TPVs (temporary protection visas) is a vote to deliver on the promise of people smugglers to more than 33,000 people who turned up illegally on boats,’ Mr Morrison said in a statement issued late on Monday.

He added that the backlog of asylum seekers waiting to be issued with visas under Labor’s system will not be settled by the coalition.

‘We will be keeping our promise to deny permanent residence to those who arrived illegally by boat, whether they turned up three months ago or three years ago.’

The worst government in our history has now become the worse opposition in our history.

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