The science is unsettled

What do you make of this?

Scientists are now beginning to rethink their climate change models and are seriously discussing the possibility the earth is entering into a period of global cooling.

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon writing in the Financial Post cites the fact that solar activity is currently decreasing at one of the fastest rates as anytime the last 10,000 years. Because of this, he says many scientists are actually reverting from the mantra of global warming and are now subscribing to the possibility of global cooling as occurring.

When the shift finally comes from global warming to global cooling, the important thing will be to ensure that the anti-free-market types are prevented from using falling temperatures to attack the capitalist system. That’s all they were interested in anyway. Anyone who had publicly worried about global warming without a degree in climate science should be prohibited from commenting on any area of public policy for the next ten years.

[Via Instapundit]

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