No boats have arrived now for a fortnight

There is a fascinating thread at Andrew Bolt of an ongoing standoff in Indonesian waters over who has responsibility for dealing with a boat with illegal migrants heading for Australia. Andrew’s title is, Standoff as Australia asks Indonesia to take back boat. The story so far shows a genuine seriousness about stopping the flow. This is from today’s briefing on Operation Sovereign Borders quoted in Andrew’s post:

The boat intercepted yesterday first asked for rescue just 43 nautical miles from Indonesia, in Indonesian search and rescue territory. All on board are safe. No further comment will be given by Morrison or Lt Gen Angus Campbell, despite persistent questioning. Morrison says he won’t put an “ongoing operations at risk” by commenting.

10 Iranians have chosen to return to Iran in this past week.

77 people have chosen to go home from off-shore processing centres since the Operation started, double the period before.

There has been a fall in arrivals, and not because of any bad weather.

No boats have arrived now for a fortnight.

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