Under continual assault by Chinese hackers!

The following passage is a throwaway from a chapter in a new book on the 2012 American election campaign. This is from the chapter on Mitt Romney’s search for a Vice President. The only background knowledge you need is that Beth Myers led the search for Romney’s VP.

Myers set up her operation in a third-floor office on Boston’s Commercial Street that became known as ‘the clean room.’ Because the Romney campaign’s servers were under continual assault by Chinese hackers, the computers in the clean room were not connected to the Internet. [My bolding]

Are these Chinese hackers just so much the way things are that it is not even worth dwelling on? Is this just the way things are today, that even a candidate for President finds it almost impossible to prevent hacking by the Chinese – which Chinese, I’d like to know, and for what purpose?

The entire link tells a story which mostly focuses on Chris Christie. The choice of Paul Ryan seems on the telling to come from nowhere and most of what I would have liked to know are not dealt with. But what really comes across is how many major issues have to be handled in such short spaces of time. And as much as I already dislike Christie this story makes him even more repugnant than everything I already knew had already made him appear.

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