What do they all have in common?

What’s the matter with these people? This is the new socialist America. The old America, the pre-Obama America, the America built on the free market and competition, that’s the old America. Here’s the way things are now. Poor people are as likely to get sick as rich people. People without jobs are as likely to get sick as people with jobs. Illegal migrants are as likely to get sick as citizens and legal migrants. So the rich, the working and the citizens should be made to pay for the health care of their opposites. And if the rich, the working, the locals and the legal must experience a downwards trajectory in their own level of healthcare to support the others, well that’s just how it has to be. And if the system doesn’t work, if health care deteriorates and it becomes impossible to see a doctor, well so what. Obama never promised you competence, honesty, sound policy and a better life. He promised you only equality, and that my friends, is exactly what you are going to get. Except for those well connected elites who will rise even higher on the backs of an increasingly desperate middle class.

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