Why not call them the Washington Reds

With an eye to what’s important, the controversy that has reached even into the White House and drawn in the President has revolved around the name of the Washington football club, hitherto known as the Washington Redskins. This now offends people who would like to see a name change and we now find this suggestion from Charles Krauthammer, the leading political commentator of the Washington Post:

How about Skins, a contraction already applied to the Washington football team? And that carries a sports connotation, as in skins vs. shirts in pickup basketball.

Well my suggestion is that they call them the Washington Reds, the perfect name for a team representing the governance and regulatory capital of the United States. It is a name that fits perfectly into the ethos of the city, will be a permanent reminder of the centralised control exercised from Washington and will offend no one other than the rest of the country, but who cares about them anyway?

Washington Reds, it’s just perfect.

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