Rand Paul for President

The American economy, indeed its entire network of social relations, is in the bin and getting worse by the day. Between uncontrolled debt and deficits, a quantitative easing which in effect means flooding the market with money, the nationalisation of the health care industry, and the debate over the closing of the Federal Government, the US will soon be about as free market as Russia. Convergence theory seems to be coming about not quite as expected but history is filled with surprises. But maybe there’s hope (why not live in hope, after all?). It’s early, of course, but Ron Paul is ahead for the Republican nomination for President.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) narrowly leads the pack of potential GOP contenders in 2016, according to a new poll.

If the GOP presidential primary were held today, 17 percent of GOP voters would elect Paul, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday. He leads among Tea Party Republicans as well with 22 percent.

The next presidential election is not till 2016, Obama will remain president till then no matter what and the offer of free health care and etc is pretty attractive to the sorts of people the Democrats count on for their presidential majority. But the reason it matters is because Rand Paul can become an early focus of Republican discontent. There is no official leader of the opposition in the US but he will fill that role more and more as time goes by if he gets the kind of support he is starting to generate. Here he steps in to bring reason to the closing of the American government:

Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday said he would support a short-term funding measure ‘to keep the government open while we negotiate.’

‘I think what we could do is pass a very short term, maybe not six weeks, but what about one week, so we could negotiate over a week,’ the Kentucky Republican told CNN’s ‘New Day.’ ‘I think a continuing bill to keep the government open while we negotiate is a good idea. I do agree that negotiating with the government closed probably to [Democrats] appears like strong-arm tactics.’

If he continues like this he will be a hard man to ignore and the more he becomes a lightening rod for opposition to Obama, the more focus he will get. Early days but I am hopeful in what is really a hopeless cause.

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