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IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison has issued a stern warning to refugees escaping the Syrian crisis – if they try to come to Australia by boat they will not be welcome.

Mr Morrison this morning said there would be “no sympathy” given to boat people, regardless of their country of origin.

His comments come in the wake of the latest boat tragedy in which at least 31 people, mostly children, drowned off the coast of Indonesia with many more still missing.

News Corp Australia this morning revealed among the dead were a group of Lebanese refugees lured to Australia on fake Syrian passports.

The families from an impoverished area of Lebanon were promised a safe “ship” to Australia via the fake identification.

Mr Morrison said the boat disaster was a tragedy but that the Australian government would not refrain from its hard line approach.

“People who are going to try and use the Syrian conflict, which is a dreadful and horrible tragedy that is unfolding before us there, as some sort of cover to come to Australia for economic migration – we are just not going to cop it,” he told 2GB Sydney radio host Ray Hadley.

“Australia is going to do its bit in terms of what is going on in Syria and there are meetings going on in Europe at the moment about how we are going to support the UNHCR and we are going to be providing places under our humanitarian program for those who are genuine refugees in Syria.

This is the message going out and none too soon. We are closing our borders which was a possibility open to any government if they were of a mind to do it. And then this, with picture, was found on The Drudge Report:

julia gillard from drudge

Gillard reveals her ‘murderous rage’ at sexist attacks…

She should only know the experience even I have felt putting things up on The Drum. Her own party couldn’t take any more of her with the lying and incompetence. All the votes that were picked up by Kevin or those that flowed to the Coalition must originally have been Labor voters. It is these people, these former supporters of the ALP, who are the misogynists she is talking about. The rest of us didn’t vote for Kevin either.

She must have had a particularly sheltered political life up until becoming Prime Minister if the kind of criticism she found as PM wasn’t what she was prepared for. I who find Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin as two of the greatest political leaders of my time will not be accused of misogyny in finding what Gillard stood for and did well against my principles. Politics is an equal opportunity pursuit with the rules the same for everyone. She was not on the receiving end of less than anyone else but she also did not receive the slightest bit more.

And then finally there was “5 Ways Feral Cats Do More Good Than Harm for Wildlife“. Also spotted on overseas, at Instapundit in this case, but this is what it’s about:

An Australian study shows feral cats help some endangered animals survive. I say: “Well, duh!”

Makes you proud.

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