The morality of global warming is all on our side

You really have to wonder why the information found in this diagram is not pure plain common knowledge.

global temperature sept 2013

The harm that the IPCC does to the poor and destitute, in the first world and in the third, is one of the great scandals of our times. The probability that global warming is a problem is near zero as is the probability that temperature change is being driven in anything other than a trivial way by human activity.

But the harm these people do, the IPCC and its enablers, is almost beyond calculation. It is one of the great moral issues of our time but the morality is exactly the other way round from how they like to portray it. The purveyors of global warming have a lot to answer for but they could not care less, wrapped up in their smug indifference to the harm they cause.

UPDATE: I have put the second graph up and removed the one I had originally posted because I have been asked for the source of the original one which I cannot recall. The new one is from The Global Warming Policy Foundation run by Sir Nigel Lawson.

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