Such disgusting liars

temp confidence limits

The only thing they can predict with any accuracy is that if the global warming scare went away their grants would absolutely disappear. Dishonest to the core of their lying hearts.

And that’s just their own self interest at work. Far more to the point is the actual harm they do in lowering living standards where they could be raised and not just by small amounts. Every action taken to reduce the use of the cheapest possible technologies lowers the ability to produce. The higher the cost of energy, the more living standards must fall. For us in the developed world, the effect will be gradual and in the end we will probably refuse to endure any of this nonsense any more assuming the moment hasn’t arrived already. But in less developed economies, or even amongst those at the lower end of the income distribution in our richer societies, the harm done is extravagant for absolutely no positive good that they or anyone else is able to show.

We should refuse to tolerate the harm they cause. We should call them out on it. We should not let them get away with pretending that they are just taking a long term safer option while new technologies are found and proved. The hunt for newer, cheaper technologies is never ending with or without the obscene subsidies the alternative energy industry may receive. They will arrive as they are discovered and made commercial. The need for carbon abatement taxes is just an opportunity for political elites to steal money from the poor, extremely poor and destitute. This is the moral issue of our time and it is that brigade of global warming buffoons who are the most immoral group of thieves living on this planet today.

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