The Big Rock Candy Mountain

No one is advised to watch the video bringing up so many recent memories. Our erstwhile PM will now write a book about her adventures in politics and the many many good deeds that she did and just like Obama, she will do it all by herself. “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” is a song from my youth that was brought to mind by seeing Julia’s face on the screen. It’s a dosser’s dream of all the good things that a perfect life could bring. That’s what our PM wants to be remembered for. All the good things she wanted to bring to her fellow Australians but was prevented from doing, mostly because they could not be afforded but I suspect that’s not how she will tell the story.

And now we must watch the Coalition grapple with the problems she has been so instrumental in creating. Resurrecting private sector growth, pulling down our levels of debt, bringing the budget back to surplus, dealing with unwanted migrants, fixing up the NBN, getting rid of the carbon and mining taxes and so on and so forth. But what is astonishing is that each of these problems – and they are massive each and every one – Julia and her mates saw as actual solutions. The things that now need fixing are their then solutions. In just about every single thing she and they did as an actual policy decision, the country was made worse for it. Not a benefit anywhere I can see. Just one problem after another that needs to be fixed.

So go on, write your book, grizzle about how unappreciated you were, tell us how compassionate you and your government were. But remember this: for some of us seeing the last of you and your pal Kevin could not have come soon enough.

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