The 2016 American presidential election has already begun

rand paul and wife sept 2013

It will in many ways be too late but the one person who might be both electable and may make a difference for the good is Rand Paul who is without any doubt working his way towards the nomination. As part of the getting to know you process there is this article on Rand Paul in Vogue which is about as good as it gets for the American media about a Republican and conservative. But it’s early days yet. The article is fascinating from end to end but it is this comment by his wife Kelley I found particularly striking.

She sinks down next to Paul on the couch, folding her legs under a tasseled pillow, and explains that, in fact, she is not sold on a Rand Paul 2016 presidential campaign. ‘Because in this day and age it’s mostly about character assassination,’ she says. ‘When I think of the tens of millions of dollars in opposition research that they’d be aiming right at us and our family—that’s what it’s about.’

Becoming president is an endurance test that may not test the right kinds of qualities for someone who actually becomes the president. Winning elections and governing are not at all the same especially in trying to cope with the American media.

But a man is also known by his enemies and Rand Paul has just the right ones, including the Governor of New Jersey, the certain media favourite on the Republican side come 2016, or at least he will be up until he is actually nominated. Rand may dislike Christie almost as much as I do:

In fact, our interview coincides with a scrap between him and Governor Christie over their opposite philosophies on national security. Paul gleefully notes to me that his latest Christie-baiting tweet is ‘really going to escalate the war’ between the two Republicans.

People will be in no doubt who they are voting for by the time the primaries are done. Christie I would never support. There is no doubt that his helping Obama in the last week of the campaign was an all out attempt to keep Romney from the White House so that he could run himself in 2016. Roger Kimball on Christie, who has titled his article “Bully, Blowhard” doesn’t think it made the final difference but so what. It’s that he tried that counts and there is no way to say one way or another that we do not have four more years of Obama because of what Christie did to make Obama look presidential. But even if we don’t agree on the role Christie played in Romney’s defeat, Roger’s article is dead on about what a useless incompetent Christie actually is.

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